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The most frequent cataract in our field is the senile cataract caused by the ageing and deterioration of the lens proteins over time, but there are also other causes for this disease: metabolic, traumatic, inflammatory, congenital, etc.

Some diseases:


A regular eye examination is all it takes to find cataracts and the only definitive solution to this problem is surgery. An early detection and a timely operation, without letting the cataract develop excessively, allows us to perform the surgery in optimal conditions and to minimise risks.

At present, the most appropriate technique is phacoemulsification, which consists of the dissolution of the centre lens by means of ultrasonic energy in order to remove it via suction. The lens will be replaced by the intraocular lens. This technique allows us to approach most of the cataracts by making small incisions in the periphery of the cornea.




Phacoemulsification is a non-invasive surgery that is usually done locally in approximately 15 or 20 minutes and allows a rapid recovery.


During the immediate post-operative period, the patient may notice stinging or mild discomfort, which, however, does not prevent rest or the use of analgesics.


If you want to know more about cataracts, you can watch the following video.

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